Viktoria Niebel

Since April 2017, Viktoria Niebel is a research assistant at the Chair of Social Theory and Social Psychology of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Straub and works on a dissertation about conceptions of mindfulness. She also teaches "Connecting Cultures" as part of the International Digital Network University. This project is under the auspices of the Goethe Institute and in it scholars* from Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian as well as other universities from German-speaking countries develop e-learning seminars for universities in which concepts of trans- and interculturality, conflict prevention and sustainable development are taught.

Since May 2017, she has represented the interests of academic staff at Ruhr University in the office of the Deputy Central Equal Opportunities Officer.

Viktoria Niebel studied the social science master's program 'Culture and Person' at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. She wrote her master's thesis on the dimensions of the concept of sexuality in Michel Foucault, Jessica Benjamin and Volkmar Sigusch. She worked as a student assistant in the tutorial program of the Faculty of Social Science, as well as a research assistant at the chairs of General Education and Social Theory and Social Psychology.


A list of publications by Viktoria Niebel can be found here.


Viktoria Niebel, M.A.
Local Project Manager – RESET
Deputy Central Equal Opportunity Officer
Ruhr-University Bochum
Tel.: +49 234 32 25603