Research-oriented teaching

One of the focal points of the section's teaching is research-oriented courses (in the form of empirical modules at BA level and research modules at MA level). In these courses, students are familiarized with theoretical foundations, methodological principles and, above all, concrete methods of qualitative and interpretative research in the disciplines of social and cultural sciences. Emphasis is placed on practical exposure to concrete research practice. Course topics reflect the research interests of the section's instructors, which are explained on the section's main page and on the instructors' personal websites.

Participation in an empirical or research module spans two semesters and includes a final report and a public presentation of research findings. It provides an excellent basis for a bachelor's or master's thesis. More information can be found here.
As a preparatory reading that teaches about the purpose of teaching research projects, the following article is suitable:

Weidemann, A. (2010). Teaching research and teaching research projects. In A. Weidemann, J. Straub & S. Nothnagel (Eds.), How to teach intercultural competence. Theories, methods, and practice in higher education. A handbook. Bielefeld: transcript.

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