Ernst E. Boesch Archive

The Ernst E. Boesch Archive aims to commemorate the work of the cultural psychologist Ernst Eduard Boesch (1916-2014) and its importance for the field of psychological research. The archive was established in 2015 to house an extensive collection of writings, photographs, and other memorabilia pertaining to the life and work of E. E. Boesch. In addition to published articles and books, the archive contains unpublished manuscripts, much of Boesch’s correspondence with colleagues, questionnaires, test materials, field notes, data masks, personal and field study photographs as well as videocassettes containing extensive interviews with Ernst Boesch (known as the “Lonner & Hayes tapes”).

The archive is an essential part of the research center Forschungsstelle Kulturpsychologie (FoKu) at the Ruhr University Bochum, and it makes its collection available to others for teaching and research purposes. We welcome all inquiries from researchers and students.

Its activities include the preparation of a printed publication (edited by Jürgen Straub and Pradeep Chakkarath) as well as a digital publication (edited by Jürgen Straub and Pradeep Chakkarath in cooperation with Arne Weidemann) of Ernst Boesch’s collected works.

We are grateful to Supanee Boesch, Christophe Boesch, and Hedwige Boesch-Achermann, without whose support it would not have been possible to establish the archive.




Sebastian Salzmann