Research and Teaching Areas of Concentration

  1. self and identity in historical, cultural psychological and cultural comparative perspective (Straub, Chakkarath, Gottschalk, Tepeli et al.)
  2. techniques and technologies of normalization and optimization of the self (Straub, Balandis, Sieben, Brandt et al.)
  3. moral forms of subjectivation in the 21st century (Straub, Ruppel, Thrun, Niebel, Bußmann, Sieben et al.)
  4. psychology of religion and criticism of religion (Straub, Chakkarath)
  5. social psychology and psychoanalysis (Straub, Chakkarath, König, Lacher et al.)
  6. history, theory, and methodology of interdisciplinary cultural psychology (Straub, Chakkarath, Sieben, Kochinka, Ruppel, Balandis, et al.)
  7. indigenous psychologies (Chakkarath, Straub)
  8. interculturality (Straub, Chakkarath, Niebel et al.)
  9. intercultural communication and intercultural competence (Straub, Chakkarath, Niebel et al.)
  10. violence and (social, cultural, psychosocial) consequences of violence (Straub, Gudehus, Chakkarath, Gottschalk, Jäger, Kaulertz, Tepeli, Wunderlich et al.)
  11. historical consciousness (Straub, Luy)
  12. culture, history and gender (Sieben, Weskott et al.)
  13. collective action and behavior - social norms, emotional experience, action strategies - in crowds (Sieben, Beermann, Konya)
  14. parenting and psychological knowledge in a comparative cultural perspective (Sieben, Yildirir et al.)
  15. development of qualitative methods of image and film analysis (Plontke, Straub, Ruppel)
  16. research-oriented teaching and learning (Straub, Plontke, Ruppel, Gottschalk et al.)