Florian Hessel

Florian Hessel studied General Social Science with the subjects Social Psychology and Social Theory, Sociology, Political Science, Social and Economic History as well as Statistics and Methods at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Among other positions, he worked as an honorary researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Memory Research of the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities Essen (2009 - 2011), as a freelance scientific consultant for the Federal Agency for Civic Education (2013), and as a research assistant at the Ruhr University Bochum (2014 - 2015). Since 2013, he has been teaching social psychology and social theory as a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Science at the Ruhr University Bochum.

He works in political-historical education and anti-Semitism prevention as a freelance educational consultant, scientific advisor and is a founding member of Bagrut (בגרות). Association for the Promotion of Democratic Consciousness e.V.

He is an editorial board member of the Journal of Critical Social Theory and Philosophy.

He is currently working on a dissertation supervised by Prof. Jürgen Straub on transnational socialization and the perception of China in the 21st century.

He researches, teaches, and publishes in the fields of political psychology, sociology of science and critical social theory, namely on anti-Semitism, antifeminism and racism, on authoritarianism and "conspiracy theories", or culture(s) of remembrance and National Socialism as well as structures of global sociation, politics and media of popular culture, the basis of political civic education and intercultural learning, or the (global) history and methods of social psychology and social theory.


A list of publications by Florian Hessel can be found here.



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