Cultural transformations and popular science adaptations of psychological knowledge by parents in Turkey. A qualitative study

Funding: DFG

October 2019 - March 2023

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Anna Sieben

Team: Zeynep Kapısız

Short description:

The project describes and analyzes popular scientific knowledge formations that emerge when psychological knowledge in the field of parenthood is used, appropriated and disseminated in Turkey. It examines the relationship "psychologized parenthood" places people in with themselves and with their child, the forms of subjectivity and relationality it presupposes and produces.

Empirically, the project works with problem-centered interviews conducted with parents of preschool children. 17 new interviews were collected in Istanbul and Sinop, a provincial city, and 14 interviews from a previous project were used. The interpretative analysis is done with Documentary Method and Relational Hermeneutics. The interview study is flanked by ethnographic fieldwork. For this purpose, parenting courses and public lectures or information events for parents are visited, experts such as parenting coaches are interviewed, and blogs by parents examined.