Welcome to the Faculty of Social Science

The Faculty of Social Science at the RUB

  • has close links between the individual social science disciplines of sociology, political science, social policy and social economics, social psychology and social anthropology, methods and statistics.
  • pursues an integrative approach to social science in research and teaching.
  • offers a mutually complementary scientifically oriented as well as application-oriented education.
  • refers strongly to current socially relevant topics.
  • allows students to choose between six different fields of study in the master's program in social science (one-subject program) and between three fields of study in the two-subject master's program.
  • is one of the strongest research institutions of its kind.
  • is integrated into numerous international networks and maintains an intensive international exchange in research and teaching.
  • encompasses a wide range of teaching and research areas with 20 different chairs.
  • ensures intensive support for the students.
  • offers extensive counseling services and a tutoring program to support students.





Application and Registration

For the start of a bachelor's program or a one-subject master's program in the winter semester 2024/25 you will have to apply until July 31, 2024. You can find the corresponding information pages of the Ruhr-University Bochum here.

If you are interested in our two-subject master's program, please click here for more information.


For an overview of our news, please visit our German site

Important Information


The current Sowi-Info provides all important information about the B.A. and M.A. studies at our faculty.


B.A. Entry Info

Here you can find all important information for a successful start into the bachelor studies at our faculty.              

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M.A. Entry Info

To make it easier for you to start your master's studies, you can find all the important information about the M.A. with us here.                             

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