Section Social Policy & Social Economy

The Section Social Policy and Social Economy deals with the interrelations between social action and economic processes in theory and in empirical research.

Emeritus / Retired Professors

Analyzing social structures and political processes comprehensively requires an understanding of their economic conditions and consequences. Conversely, economic analyses of social conditions gain depth by including their social context as well as the goals and processes of related political action in an interdisciplinary perspective.

In this context, the members of the section approach all social interactions and institutions from an economic perspective in their research and teaching, with a particular interest in questions of practical economic and social policy making.

Focal points of the section's scientific research:

  • Theory of social policy and social security systems
  • Public finances and public economy
  • Economics of the labor market, education and population
  • Health economics and environmental economics
  • Empirical economic research and international comparisons of economic and social policy
Staff members

In the following paragraph you can find the cross-chair staff of the Section Social Policy and Social Economics. The staff members of the individual chairs can be found on the respective chair pages.

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