eCampus represents the electronic administration of studies and examinations at the Ruhr-University Bochum. It provides students with information about lecturers, the course of studies, current course information, registration for modules and courses as well as an overview of your certificates of achievement and completed modules.

eCampus Representative of the Faculty

Inga Bienert
Office: GD E1/626
Phone:(0234) 32-29226
Office hours: individual appointments pls

You will find instructions on how to access eCampus on this IT.SERVICES-website.

You can find all instructions on registration, achievements and everyday study organization with eCampus here.

Paperbased certificates are no longer issued at our faculty. If you want to enter paperbased certificates retrospectively, take a look at the tutorial (see below) on how to do so and/or contact the eCampus representative.

At the Faculty of Social Science, no credit points are awarded for certificates of achievement at the course level. If you enter credits for individual courses - not modules - you have to enter "n.a." ("für nicht ausgewiesen"/"for not shown") in the credit points section. In the module outlines (see degree programs) or in the current Sowi-Info you will find the details of the credit points for individual modules.

If you need to enter achievements retrospectively, please refer to this website and/or contact the eCampus representative.