Gender Studies

Gender knowledge and gender competence are key qualifications that are becoming increasingly important in today's heterogeneous societies. Students develop a interdisciplinary understanding of how power and inequality operate and which consequences this entails for individuals and society. They can use these qualifications to initiate new processes in research and practice, develop instruments for creating equal opportunity and inclusion, and to implement diversity measures.

Co-opted Lecturers

The RUB Network for Gender Studies explores questions about the emergence and change of social categories and inequalities in different cultural, historical and political contexts, with a special focus on gender. It is conducted within the study program using the scientific instruments of the three core faculties: Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Philology and Faculty of History.

Each semester, the RUB Netwok for Gender Studies is complemented by an internationally renowned visiting professor within the framework of the Marie Jahoda Visiting Professorship. Interdisciplinary and international networking ensure innovative and dynamic scientific processes from which teaching staff, researchers and students benefit equally.