Master's Degree Counseling at the Faculty of Social Science

The M.A. program in Social Science takes an in-depth look at issues in sociology, social psychology and social anthropology, political science and social policy, and methods of empirical social research. By choosing a program of study, students specialize in a multidisciplinary area.

  • How can local and regional changes be explained? What political management options exist?
  • What role do labor, participation, organizations, labor regulation, economic locations, and service sectors play in modern society?
  • How can cross-border processes and developments of economic, social and state institutions and actors be explained?
  • How are social scientific insights formed and verified using statistical methods or qualitative procedures?
  • What influence do advances in medical technology, demographic change or changing social, economic and political conditions have on the healthcare system?
  • How can complex relationships between individuals, groups, and their cultural and material environments be explained from psychological, sociological, and ethnological perspectives?

For questions regarding the master's degree in social science, the general master's degree counseling of the Faculty of Social Science is available to students as well as to all interested parties.




General Master's Degree Counseling
Corinna Land
Office: GD 1/608
Phone: +49 234 32-22966
Office Hours: by appointment
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