Information for Prospective Students - One-Subject Master's Program

Social Science

Deals with questions such as...

  • What keeps modern society together?
  • What is globalization?
  • How do cultures differentiate?
  • How are social science findings constituted and verified?
  • What particular perspectives and explanations do economics, sociology, political science, social psychology and social anthropology offer?

The studies of social science deal in depth with the above-mentioned questions. By choosing a program, specialization takes place in one of the six fields of study:

  • Management and Regulation of Labor, Economy and Organization
  • Health Care Systems and Health Management
  • Urban and Regional Development
  • Globalization, Transnationalization and Governance
  • Culture and the Individual
  • Social Research Methods



Career Perspectives/ Fields of Work

Management and Regulation of Labor, Economy and Organization:

  • Continuing education, human resources development, organizational development in national and international economy and non-profit organizations
  • Business and political consulting, project organization and evaluation
  • Unions, employers' associations and chambers
  • Non-profit social institutions in the "third sector"
  • Political institutions and public administrations
  • Academia as well as public and private research institutions

Health Care Systems and Health Management:

  • Management positions with cooperation, coordination and structural development tasks in health administration and policy at local, state, federal and European level
  • Organizational development in associations, care and self-help institutions of the health and social sector
  • Planning and management of local, regional and corporate health promotion programs
  • Teaching at universities, schools, continuing education and counseling institutions
  • Research in health-related areas

Urban and Regional Development:

  • Local and regional government (e.g. in public offices for statistics, urban research and elections, in institutions of urban and regional planning or district government)
  • Private planning offices
  • Housing and real estate industry
  • Academic research institutions

Globalization, Transnationalization and Governance:

  • Teaching and research at universities
  • International organizations
  • Politics, administration, ministries
  • Associations, NGOs, foundations
  • Private sector, companies
  • Public relations, journalism
  • Research institutes, "think tanks"

Culture and the Individual:

  • Teaching and research
  • International and cultural cooperation e.g. in organizational and human resource development, consulting, training and coaching, conflict analysis and mediation, tourism
  • Equal opportunity areas (e.g. gender mainstreaming, diversity management)
  • Museums and memorials
  • Adult education, continuing education and training
  • Cultural management
  • Politics and administration, lobby groups, NGOs, foundations
  • Public relations, journalism

Social Research Methods:

  • Teaching and research in and outside universities and institutes
  • Market and opinion polling
  • Public administration, ministries
  • State and federal statistical offices
  • Associations, companies and NGOs