Two-Subject Master's Degree Master in Social Sciences - Specialization Fields

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Ruhr-University Bochum pursues a modern interdisciplinary approach to social sciences. The key feature of the faculty is the combination of social science disciplines from the fields of political science, sociology, social psychology and social anthropology, social policy and social economics, as well as social sciences methodology and statistics.

In the MA program in social sciences in the two-subject model, students choose a specialization by selecting one of the following disciplines (fields of study):

  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Social Theory and Cultural Psychology

In this model, the three master's modules in the chosen field of study and research area form the core of the program. A practical module completes the interdisciplinary and social sciences profile of the two-subject program.


Field of Study Sociology

Sociology deals in theory and research with the interrelations between social action and societal structures. General sociology elaborates general explanatory approaches to the structures and processes of modern societies and their cultural as well as social change. Special sociologies research areas such as labor, development/internationalization, gender, organizations, and city/region.

Master's Modules

  • Labor and Organization
  • Gender and Society
  • Space and Development

Student Counseling - Till Stefes

Office: GD E1/620
Phone: (0234) 32 22782
Office hours: see homepage

Field of Study Political Science

Political science deals with the process of political decision-making and its effects. The focus lies on the mediation of interests, policy field analysis and local and regional politics.

Master's Modules

  • Interest Mediation
  • Policy Field Analysis
  • Local and Regional Politics

Student Counseling - Prof. Dr. Rainer Eising

Office: GD E2/255
Phone: (0234) 32 25172
Office hours: Tue 1 pm - 2 pm, registration via entry in the list on the blackboard of the chair

Field of Study Social Theory and Cultural Psychology

The program addresses current trends in theoretical discourse in the social sciences. The focus on social theory aims at a theory of social sciences, i.e. integrating theorizing in the social sciences that goes beyond the theoretical approaches inherent in the subject. In the present context, the social psychology focus refers to recent developments in social psychology that attempt to bridge the gap between psychological and social scientific social psychology by linking to their interdisciplinary origins.

Master's Modules

  • Cultural Psychology, Cultural and Social Theory
  • Interculturality
  • Practical Cultural Psychology and Cultural Anthropology

Student Counseling - Prof. Dr. Jürgen Straub

Room: GD E1/259
Phone: (0234) 32 259
Office hours: Wed 8.30 am - 9.45 am