Ongoing Research

Inequalities of the Fertility Decline since the 1970s in Comparison

The working group "Inequality of the Fertility Decline" analyzes how academic, political and media discourses create, negotiate and/or criticize gender equality as a significant reason for the fertility decline and the anticipated shrinking of society in East- and West-Germany since the 1970s.

The discourse analyses mainly focus the at that time so-called 'competition of the systems' of both German states and the transformation of this 'competition' in reunified Germany. Special attention is thereby paid to family and gender policies with respect to population issues and the socially differentiated fertility development since the 1970s in both parts of Germany which has been problematized since then.

The focus on the discursive driving forces of science, politics and media is related to the proximity between science and politics concerning demographic issues which is critically reviewed from different scientific perspectives. This focus also considers the idea that the media have large influences on public opinion.