Gender Studies

Journals (Selection)

Al-Raida Journal
The bi-annual, interdisciplinary Arab journal promotes the research by and on Arab women. It further provides a space for policy-makers and students who are engaged and interested in gender equality in the Arab region. 

Asian Journal of Women’s Studies
The journal is a multidisciplinary, international forum for the presentation of feminist scholarship and criticism in the areas of the humanities and the social sciences. 

European Journal of Women’s Studies
The journal’s main focus is the complex, theoretical and empirical relationship between women and the specific and diverse contexts of Europe. 

FEMINA POLITICA – Zeitschrift für feministische Politikwissenschaft
The magazine has been dealing with current political and academic issues for 30 years and introduces projects as well as research findings. 

Feminist Africa Journal
The journal concerns itself with the complex and diverse dynamics of creativity and resistance which have emerged in postcolonial Africa and which shift in relation to changing global und geopolitical power structures. 

feministische studien
The bi-annual journal is an inter- and transdisciplinary forum for the German Women’s and Gender Studies. 

Feminist Theory
The journal reflects the diversity of feminist research by considering perspectives from a broad range of the humanities and social sciences and including different political and theoretical stances. 

Freiburger Zeitschrift für GeschlechterStudien
The magazine deals with questions and debates relevant for Gender and Queer Studies in an academic context as well as with regards to social conditions. 

Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies
Frontiers is a distinguished journal because of its interdisciplinary and intersectional approach which considers how gender, 'race', sexuality and transnationalism entangle. 

Gender. Zeitschrift für Geschlecht, Kultur und Gesellschaft
The journal is a platform for interdisciplinary, academic debates in the Women’s and Gender Studies as well as practitioners. 

Gender and Education
The journal aims at expanding feminist science, philosophies, theories and debates with regards to gender and education. The entanglement of gender with other categories of social inequality are a major point of interest. 

Gender & Society
Publications of this journal consider gender and gendered processes in interactions, organisations and societies in global and transnational contexts. 

Gender, Work & Organization
The journal is characterized by an inter- and multidisciplinary approach that links – among others –anthropology, history, labour economics, law, psychology and sociology. 

Indian Journal of Gender Studies
Topics of the journal include women in politics, violence, disability as well as institutional and legal questions with regards to motherhood and child care. 

Men and Masculinities
The journal displays the current empirical and theoretical research on masculinities in the area of Gender Studies, Queer Theory and Multiculturalism. 

NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research
Religion, history, law, literature, sociology and political sciences are among those disciplines relevant for NORA, which emphasises its multidisciplinary approach. 

Open Gender Journal
Open Gender Journal is an open access journal for intersectional Women's and Gender Studies. The published articles cover various methodological and theoretical orientations also from the scientific field of Queer Studies, racism studies, classism studies, post- and decolonial studies, and others.

Signs is the leading, international journal in women’s and gender studies which promotes the production of critical and innovative research approaches. 

Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society
The journal aims to raise new, interdisciplinary research questions through its interplay of publications from the social sciences, gender studies and intersectional perspectives.