Journals (Selection)

Acta Sociologica (EN)
The journal publishes theoretical and empirical articles from all areas of sociology, as well as book reviews and commentaries. Articles comparing Nordic countries are prioritised. 

American Journal of Sociology (EN)
The predominantly sociological contributions are supplemented by topics from anthropology, economy, statistics, education, history and political science and brought into a sociological context. 

Berliner Journal für Soziologie (DE)
The journal reflects the current stage of research and new developments in the German and international sociology and is supplemented by reviews and issues with a specific thematic focus. Sociology of culture and qualitative research are fields most relevant for this journal. 

European Journal of Sociology (EN)
The journal’s goal is to spread European sociology research and thereby promote the dialogue with the non-European sociology. Topics include, for instance, the welfare state, neoliberalism, migration and ethnicity. 

European Sociological Review (EN)
The European Sociological Review concerns itself with different focal points from various fields of sociology in short commentaries and research reports. The main topics are social inequality with regards to education, ethnicity and gender. 

Forum: Qualitative Social Research (DE, EN)
FQS is a peer-reviewed, multilingual online journal of qualitative social research. All individual articles on essential topics and methods of qualitative research as well as focus issues are available free of charge.

International Journal of Comparative Sociology (EN)
Since its foundation in 1960, the journal has focused on international and comparative research which is not limited to sociology but takes related disciplines into consideration as well. 

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy (EN)
The journal understands itself as interdisciplinary forum for those interested in topics related to economy, social responsibility in corporations, ethics and work organisation. 

Journal of Poverty (EN)
The articles in this journal engage themselves critically and academically with the structural causes of poverty and the connections between inequality and prevalent economic, political, cultural and social institutions. 

Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare (EN)
The journal of Western Michigan University deals with social welfare by applying knowledge and methodology from the social sciences to problems of social policy, social ecology and state welfare. 

Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie (DE)
KZfSS is the most relevant German journal for quantitative research. It offers comprehensive reports and reviews about German sociological research results as well as international research developments. 

Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie (DE)
The Austrian Association for Sociology publishes issues with thematic focal points, such as mobility, sociology of migration or violence. 

Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie (DE, EN, FR)
The multilingual journal publishes articles about theory, method, practice and history of sociology. 

Social Forces (EN)
Social Forces focuses on the intersections of sociologic research and psychology, anthropology, political science, history and economy. 

Social Policy and Society (EN)
The journal is supported by the UK Social Policy Association and deals hence with policy-related research and relevant developments in this area in the social sciences. 

The British Journal of Sociology (EN)
The British Journal of Sociology is known for displaying the mainstream research and theories in international sociology for over 50 years.

Zeitschrift für Soziologie (DE)
The journal understands itself as representation of the German sociology and its thematic, empirical and theoretical diversity.