Associations and Networks (Selection)

American Sociological Association
The organisation aims at promoting the vitality, visibility and diversity of sociology on a national level. On an international level, it strives to strengthen programmes which will influence sociology research broadly in the future. Especially the annual congress provides an opportunity for knowledge production and exchange. 

Asia Pacific Sociological Association
Sociologists and politicians are becoming increasingly connected on a regional and a community level through regular conferences, seminars and workshops. The association’s online journal seeks to communicate topics relevant in the Asia Pacific to sociologists worldwide. 

British Sociological Association
The association represents British sociologists in national and international key institutions and works with related organisations to achieve policies regarding sociology and the social sciences. Major sociological topics are explored at annual conferences which further promote the networking among scholars. 

German Sociological Associations (GSA)
The German Sociological Association intends to deal with problems of the social sciences on the one hand, and create a network for the communication and transfer of sociological knowledge on the other hand. The congresses conducted every two years attract a few thousand participants. 

GSA Section Women’s and Gender Studies
The section organises independent conferences and takes part in the GSA’s congresses. Annually, the section publishes newsletters including GSA activities in the form of conference invitations, congress reports, national and international Calls for Papers and book releases. 

European Consortium for Sociological Research
The organisation aims at promoting theory-driven empirical sociological research in Europe by networking research centres. The association is made up of 80 members from leading European research institutes and university faculties. 

European Sociological Association (ESA)
The ESA consists of over 2000 members and puts an emphasis on European issues in sociological research, communication and teaching. The association organises conferences every two years in different European cities. 

ESA Research Network 14 "Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State"
The research network supports and initiates comparative research. The production of empirical research results is thought of as means for political strategies to improve the discrimination and inequality of women in the European labour market. 

ESA Research Network 33 "Women’s and Gender Studies"
The ESA research network dedicated to women’s and gender studies deals with topics including for example, gender inequality in an international perspective, gender roles and international feminist activism at ESA conferences as well as regular meetings. 

International Sociological Association (ISA)
The association facilitates the production of knowledge through international conferences, the publication of journals and the consolidation of research networks. The "ISA World Congress of Sociology" is conducted every four years with differing thematic focuses. 

ISA Research Committee "Women in Society"
The ISA research network concerns itself with the support of theoretical and empirical research about the social situation of women and gendered institutions. The regional, national and international communication between scholars is strengthened, for instance, at regular meetings. 

Austrian Association for Sociology
The Austrian Association for Sociology serves predominantly as platform and network for sociologists who wish to exchange ideas about academic, practical and professional aspects of their work. Its Austrian Sociology Congress takes place every two years. 

Swiss Sociological Association
The SSA organises congresses with thematic focuses every two years, creating the opportunity for scientists from different fields of sociology to present their research results. The networking with related associations in another central concern apart from the general promotion of sociological research. 

The European Network for Social Policy (ESPA)
The network is made up of scholars and teachers of the European research about social policy. Cooperation and exchange are a major goal, as well as the expansion of sociopolitical analysis as research field. Therefore, the network organizes every annual conferences all over Europe. 

The International Institute of Sociology
The oldest sociological organisation works to stimulate the development, exchange and application of sociological knowledge through its academic orientation.