Gender Studies

Associations and Networks (Selection)

AOIFE: Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe
Based on institutional memberships, AOIFE is a European association and platform for women’s studies. 

Asian Association of Women’s Studies
The association strives to construct an institutional basis for feminist teaching and research on and in Asia. Its members include other associations of women’s studies, research centres as well as individual scientists and practitioners. 

The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation is a broad organisation for researchers, activists and institutes in the field of women’s and gender studies, women’s rights, gender equality and diversity. 

Fachgesellschaft Geschlechterstudien // Gender Studies Association
The association’s goal is to strengthen the communication and consolidation of interdisciplinary gender studies in German speaking countries. 

Feminist and Women's Studies Association (UK & Ireland)
The UK-based network supports feminist research and teaching on a national and international basis. 

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section
The section is a union of scientists from feminist research and international relations. 

National Women's Studies Association (USA)
The National Women’s Studies Association promotes the production of knowledge in women’s and gender studies through support in teaching and research at universities and beyond. 

RINGS – The International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies
RINGS is an international union with the purpose of linking institutions from gender and women’s research on a global level. 

The Association for Middle-East Women’s Studies
The organisation consists of scientists and individuals interested in women’s and gender studies in the Middle East, North Africa as well as diasporic communities in Europe and North and South America. 

The Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association
AWGSA represents researchers, scientists and students of women’s and gender studies in Australia. 

The Women’s Information Network of Europe, WINE
The network works towards building a platform for information and debate in the areas of gender, feminism, women’s studies and research. 

Women's and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes
The association stands in for a wide definition of women’s and gender studies and supports those who work and research in these areas in various locations.