Jan Schmutzler

I'm interested in the digital transformation of society and the ways science and technology are part of it. In my point of view Science and Technology Studies can help make this process more transparent and therefore democratic. In my dissertation project with the working title "Protection against re-identification in the linkage of scientific data" i'm investigating the threats for privacy that emerged with the ongoing trend of growing personal data-driven research and how science is handling these. At the moment im preparing for ethnographic research at two research sites with different disciplinary background. I'm aiming to understand what actors (human and non-human) participate in the privacy-related handling of research data and how their agencies come to play in concrete data practices. My goal is to facilitate the reciprocal understanding of all involved actors and their interests, in order to enable a democratic discussion about the possibilities and duties of individual-related data science.

Research areas

Science and Technology Studies • Data Science • Privacy • Valuation Studies


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Political Science

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Anthropology, title of thesis: An interdiscplinary discussion of free will using the example of brain implants.

Research assistant at Nexus Experiments (science communication)

PhD Program/NRW Fortschrittskolleg "SecHuman" – Security for people in cyberspace