Master Program Social Science

Are you interested in the master's program in social science at RUB? Find out more about the necessary requirements you should bring with you from your bachelor's studies and test whether your expectations are right. Get an insight into the content and structure of the studies, explore the six different programs of specialization, and find out about possible career fields.

Test whether you are right with your ideas about content and previous knowledge, about admission and study organization, and about career opportunities.

Prior Knowledge and Admission
Check which prerequisites you absolutely have to bring with you, which previous knowledge is desirable for entry into the studies and which basics you can catch up on at the beginning of the studies.

Take a close look at the faculty and the six programs of specialization, create your personal plan of studies, and explore the question, "What is social science?"

Career Opportunities
Find out how to prepare for your career while you are still at university, hear from three former students about their paths, and learn about the jobs graduates of each program are working in.

The Special Feature
What is special about studying social science at RUB? Watch the video portrait and find out what students and lecturers have to say about it.