The members of the chair team teach in particular in the Master's study programmes MaRAWO - Management and Regulation of Work, Economy and Organisation and GTG - Globalisation, Transnationalisation, Governance and in the BA study programmes "Politics, Economy, Society " and "Culture, Individual, Society " as well as in the area of sociological foundation. Prof. Dr. Margit Fauser is also co-director of the MaRAWO study programme and responsible for the MaRAWO module "Work and Organisation" and the GTG module "Internationalisation and Transnationalisation".

An important element of our teaching are research-oriented seminars and research modules, which we often link to our own research. Our teaching didactics are designed to be interactive and collaborative and rely on the active involvement of students. For us, our focus on internationalisation follows from our thematic profile of transnationalisation, migration processes and mobile work. We offer about half of our courses in English and also maintain international cooperation in teaching and support the exchange of teachers and students. We are particularly happy to accompany our double degree of the MaRAWO programme with the Benemérita Universidad de Puebla in Mexico.