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09/2023: Dr. Katrin Menke participated in the 21st ESPAnet Annual Conference in Warsaw and gave a presentation on "Between gendered policies, labor markets and biographical orientations. Labor market trajectories of reugee women in Germany." Click here for the full conference program. 

07/2023: Prof. Margit Fauser and Elena Fattorelli gave a presentation on 06 July on "Migrant Employment as Privilege and Duty" at the 20th IMISCOE Conference "Migration and Inequalities. In search of answers and solutions".

04/2023: Dr. Katrin Menke was a guest in the podcast "MeltingPod" of the InZentIM junior network on the topic of "Participation of Refugee Women in the German Labor Markt and the Habilitation" ("Teilhabe geflüchteter Frauen am deutschen Arbeitsmarkt und die Habilitation.")

Latest Publication

Margit Fauser (2023) Gegen die Prekarität ist der Kampf der einzige Weg - Migration und Arbeit in Zeiten forgeschrittener Globalisierung und Unsicherheit, In: Martin Seeliger (Hg.), Strukturwandel der Arbeitsgesellschaft, S. 61-82, Weinheim: Beltz Verlagsgruppe

Margit Fauser, Corinna A. Di Stefano & Elena Fattorelli (2023) Multiple Facets of Borderwork. Urban Actors Between Migrants’ Struggles and State Control, Journal of Intercultural Studies, 44:1, 61-76, DOI: 10.1080/07256868.2022.2159340