Understanding and Shaping Europe. European Policy, Economy, Society and Culture in Current and Historical Relations

  • The interdisciplinary and international MA degree programme ECUE is established since more than 20 years at the Ruhr Universität Bochum.
  • In the field of European Studies, the focus is on EU, Europe, and global issues.
  • In four semesters you combine political, social, economic, cultural, and ethical contexts.
  • We work out and reflect together with you convergences and divergences of the European social, cultural and economic area.
  • With the degree MA ECUE you will have a variety of career prospects in the field of international companies, institutions and organisations and also in research.
  • We qualifiy our ECUE students to be specialsed universalists.

MA ECUE starts its English track!

From October 2023 (winter semster 2023/24) on it is possible to study the MA study programme European Culture and Economics completely in English. International students do not have to prove German language skills in order to be admitted to the MA ECUE programme. Information and details on study structure, requirements and application process you find here.


Carrer-paths of our Alumni

Lara Elliott (graduation 2020)

ECUE connects - different topics and disciplines, but above all people. Today I work in an international woking environment and benfit from my knowledge and the soft skille acqiured during my Maters's. I greatly value the friendships I made during my ECUE studies.

Lara works as "International Project Manager" for Energy Networks Europe at E.ON in Essen, Germany.

Dr. Ronja Sczepanski (graduation 2018)

Studying ECUE has encouraged me to take different perspectives on the same phenomenon. For example, in the sociology courses I learnt to understand how different societies and groups view European integration. From economics, however, I was able to think about potential impacts on societies' perspectives by modelling trade relations. The combination of many different subjects in the MA study programme ECUE helped me to recognise and theorise complex contexts. The constant immersion in new disciplines and their approaches was extremely enriching, as it significantly trained my mental flexibility, which I need on a daily basis for my current work as an assistant professor. I would not want to miss my ECUE studies and the great cohort.

Ronja is assistant professor of political science at Sciences Po in Paris.

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