Frequently Asked Questions

Practical Module

The module includes the search for and preparation of the internship, its implementation and evaluation in the form of a report, which is to be presented in an accompanying course on the teaching of professional field-related knowledge and key qualifications in professional fields relevant to social science. During the intensive preparation and follow-up of the internship, special attention is paid to the connections between theoretical study content and concrete professional fields, so that the internship can be reflected upon as an integral part of academic studies.

Attendance of the course accompanying the internship is mandatory for students of the one-subject B.A. and the one-subject M.A. and forms the practical module together with the mandatory internship. The course can be attended before or after the internship. It serves the exchange and orientation about possibilities and requirements within the individual social science professional fields.

Before the Internship

A registration is made with the registration form, whereby a distinction is made between a compulsory internship in the B.A./M.A. or an internship in the elective modules for the two-subject B.A. The completed registration form will be sent by mail to the internship office, you will receive a corresponding confirmation. Only if the internship has been properly registered, it is guaranteed that the internship can be recognized as a subject/mandatory internship. In case of questions or uncertainties regarding your internship registration, you will also receive feedback from the internship office.

The compulsory internship in the one-subject bachelor's program, in the one-subject master's program and in the two-subject master's program must have a minimum duration of 320 hours or 8 weeks. In addition, the internship must be related to the social science study content.

In the elective modules, the scope for the 10 CP internship is 240 hours or 6 weeks. In non-native foreign countries, the internship must be a minimum of 4 weeks.

The crediting of a part-time job or a working student job is possible under certain conditions. Please contact the head of the internship office to check these requirements and if you have any questions.

The duration of the internship depends on your studies and the corresponding study regulations. From the summer semester 2012 on, the following applies:

One-subject B.A.: 8 weeks - according to new module regulations 2012

Two-subject B.A.: 6 weeks in elective modules possible/ non-native foreign countries: 4 weeks

One-subject M.A.: 8 weeks

Two-subject M.A.: 8 weeks

If you are considering or planning to complete your internship part-time, or if you have been offered to complete all or part of your internship in your home office, you should always make contact with the internship office before starting work. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties about this topic.

The search should be carried out independently, support in the form of advice and tips can be given in the office hour of Dr. Hartlieb. Current national and international internship advertisements as well as internship exchanges can always be found online.

A contract is not necessary for recognition. However, it is advisable that you sign a contract with the internship employer.

You can find the certificate on our homepage. You have to fill it out, print it out and submit it to the internship supervisor for signature. Please note the different certificates for B.A. and M.A.! You should print out the forms - differentiated for B.A. and M.A. - and bring them to the office hours or send them by e-mail to the head of the internship office.

In general, there is no provision for splitting the internship. An internship should only ever be completed with one internship employer. A temporal division into 2 blocks is to be avoided. In such cases, consultation with the internship supervisor must always be sought.

Each internship must be registered in advance according to the guidelines. Therefore, decisions must always be made on a case-by-case basis. If an occupation in the possible professional field for social scientists was carried out between the B.A. degree and the start of an M.A. study, this should be discussed with the internship supervisor.

After the Internship

One tip beforehand: It is highly recommended to take notes regularly during the internship. This makes it easier to write a detailed report about it. Many things that are important for the report you will not be able to find out afterwards.
The report should be submitted no later than three months after the end of the internship. For elective modules two months after the end of the internship.

1. Cover page

2. Table of contents

3. Introduction (How was the application phase? General conditions of the internship: period, full-time, part-time, payment, etc.? What kind of activities does the internship employer - the company, the institution, etc. - carry out? In which industry does the company operate?)

4. Main part (What were your own tasks and activities during the internship? Describe a daily routine, if applicable)

5. Conclusion (Reflection on the studies, on the contents learned and the theory-practice relationship: here the internship should be evaluated and a conclusion drawn. Skills and knowledge should be critically examined). The report should be written in a factual style. As with a term paper, complete sentences should be used. So please do not string bullet points together!

Formally, the report should be about 5-10 pages long and resemble the structure of an academic paper. In the elective modules the length is 3-5 pages. In the elective modules you also have to submit a current application for the internship (cover letter/CV).

The report must be printed and stapled (no elaborate bindings or similar), with a completed cover page and a copy of the duration and content from the internship employer or letter of reference, and submitted to the internship office. In addition, the report must be sent electronically as a PDF file to Please note that internship reports in PDF format will only be processed if they consist of one file (cover page, report, attestation or confirmation) and are properly named. Please name the report "Name.Firstname.Semester". Please name the semester in which you submitted your internship report (e.g. Mustermann.Max.WS1920, Mustermann.Erika.SoSe20).

Upon request, the original documents of the internship employer must also be submitted. Otherwise, please attach copies only!

Submission will be documented on the cover page - thereafter you can expect processing within a reasonable time - if anything is missing you will receive an e-mail and processing may be extended until the paperwork is complete. For elective modules, you will be issued a paper based certificate that you can pick up at the internship office. This must be entered to CampusOffice in the elective modules at Ms. Bienert GD 1/630.

Internship Abroad

There are several ways to get financial support for an internship abroad: Bafög - even if you don't get Bafög at home, it's worth asking, because living expenses are assessed differently. There is also the possibility of receiving a travel allowance.

The ERASMUS program also offers financial support for internships abroad. This changes annually and can be inquired at the International Office. An Erasmus internship can recently also be completed following ERASMUS studies. The conditions are:

  • For all EU countries, Iceland, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey
  • From the first year of study up to and including doctoral studies, as long as student status is maintained
  • Duration from 60 days to 12 months

Internships abroad worldwide (except in ERASMUS participating countries) with a duration of 6 weeks to 3 months can be funded within the framework of PROMOS.