Elective Modules

The internship office of the Faculty of Social Science will be happy to support and advise you regarding the internship with 300h workload (10 CP).

Internship and Internship Report

You will find your own internship for a 10 CP internship. The internship must be registered with the head of the faculty's internship office before it begins. The latter decides on the creditability of the internship and approves its implementation. The 10 CP internship usually consists of at least 240 hours of full-time domestic work or 160 hours of full-time work abroad.

In the elective modules, the length is 3-5 pages. You must also submit a current application for the internship (cover letter/resume). Please assemble the completed cover sheet, report, your application materials, and certificate of employment/internship in a properly named (firstname.lastname.semester) PDF file and send it by e-mail. Either deliver the printed version to the internship office in person or drop it in the internship office mailbox.