Critical Week / (Kritische Wochen = KriWo)

Once every year the student representatives of the faculty of social science organise the event series “Kritische Wochen” (critical weeks). Traditionally, the KriWo takes place in end of april and the beginning of may. The events including the KriWo are organised from different political or social groups and organisations. The goal of the KriWo is to give new students an idea of socially critical work of different groups and organisations in Bochum.

In 2023 the KriWo will be taking place from 24.-30. of april. More information will follow soon.

Further Information concerning the KriWo, the last programm and the groups of the past years are available on the website:


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    If there are any questions, you can write us a mail through this address. If we are not actively planning the KriWo (usually we plan from November until May), we might not check the mails regularly. If your concern is urgent, please contact our regular mail (