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General Information

The members of the Fachschaftsrat Sozialwissenschaft (FSR Sowi) are the representatives of the students of the faculty of social science. We are a group of social science students, who represent the needs of all students, as volunteers. We are excited about all interested students and always open to new ideas. Our goal is to establish as much autonomy and equal participation opportunities as possible for all students. Additionally, we aspire a good atmosphere for the people working in the Fachschaftsrat Sozialwissenschaft.

The Study of Social Science

We are committed to the general improvement of the conditions of the study of social science at our faculty. Also, we are standing up for a broad class offer with a high qualitative standard, good teaching and study regulations, that are easy to understand. Important to us is, that the completion of the studies in the standard period of study is manageable, since many students rely on payments, such as Bafög or support from their parents. Additionally, we think it is important to offer a broad range of courses, to keep the possibility for the students to shape their studies by their interests. We also stand up for unlimited tries to complete the exams and to keep the transitional semester.

Committee Work

Inside of the faculty the FSR Sowi represents all students and their needs in different committees. In the faculty council and the section conferences for example, we are standing up to other status groups, such as professors and research assistants. We always have the needs of the students in our mind, for example the abolition of admission restriction.

The FSR Sowi constitutes the link between the faculty and the students, regarding the committee work as well as concrete problems. We always are the sounding board for the small and the big struggles of the students.

Our principles

We regard ourselfs as anti-fascist, anti-racist, pro-feminist and ecological. We advocate free access to education, emancipatory projects and the end of exploitative conditions. We attach importance to social engagement on a societal level, which is the reason we want to inspire other students to spring into action as well. Our goal is to network with and support self-organized groups and initiatives at our college and in Bochum, that share our views. We advocate the dismantling of asymmetric relations between lecturers and students and the exploitation of said relations. We support the development of equal and fair possibilities of participation in all committees.

Being present!

During our open hours we offer detailed study guidance and provide old tests. We are also taking part at the Ersti-Tage, organized by the Tutorium Office. Every semester we organise (our legendary Sowi-Party), a tour for the freshmen and other projects and events.