Specific areas of responsibility of the students representatives
Representing the students in committees of the faculty
  • The FSR delegates some of its members to committees.
  • These representatives have to be informed on the current topics of the committee.
  • The current topics are discussed in the previous meeting of the FSR.
  • The delegates are obligated to represent the opinion of the whole FSR.
  • Examples for committees are: faculty council, the faculties committee for curriculum, the faculties committee for structure and finances, and department meetings (these are loose translations)
Representing the student in meetings with lecturers
  • We are taking on the problems of students.
  • We also try to identify problems by ourselves.
  • After discussing a problem in the meeting of the FSR, we try to solve it with f.e. conversations with the regarding lecturer.
  • We always report back in the following meeting of the FSR.
Consultation for students
  • in our Consultation hours, in the freshmen week (Ersti-Woche), via mail or through our online offers
  • We put together useful information for students. We also cooperate with the tutorium office (Tutorien Programm).
Educating students on relevant topics
  • We put together important and relevant information on topics regarding the students of our faculty.
  • If necessary, we prepare presentations f.e. for the Day of Teaching (Tag der Lehre).
  • We design flyers or posters, which we pass out or hang around the campus.
Organizing events for the students
  • Planning the event (What room do we need? What kind of materials? etc.)
  • Preparations (shopping, pass out flyers, hang the posters)
  • Performing of the event (set up, perform, remove everything)
  • Our events: reading circles, lectures, partys, tour for freshmen (Ersti-Fahrt)
Exchange of information and discussing relevant topics in our meetings
  • Participation in our weekly meetings
  • Reading and answering the mails
Any other business
  • Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • etc.