Welcome to the Tutoring Program!

The tutor team welcomes you!

We will support you during the introductory phase of your studies and will also be your first contact for questions during the further course of your studies. Please have a look at our FAQ page or come to our office hours.

In the tutoring sessions of the introductory module we will teach you the methods of academic and student work, e.g: where do I find academic literature? How do I give a presentation? And how do I write a term paper?

During the first days of the semester we will help you with your timetable. You will also get a first impression of the RUB and the faculty. The orientation days take place in the summer semester 2024 on April 3 and 4, 2024.  If you would like to get more information in advance, you can check out the Moodle course for the first days.

We also rent dictation machines. Feel free to contact us if you need one.

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