The introductory module is taken by all first-semester students of the B.A. programs of the Faculty of Social Science. It includes the introductory lecture (Wednesdays, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in HGD 20) and a tutorial.

In the introductory lecture, mini-essays on the respective lectures are written weekly and uploaded to Moodle. You will find out how the essays are evaluated in the corresponding Moodle course of the introductory lecture. We will give you the access information in the first lecture.

In order to pass the tutorial, you will write a mini paper of 5-7 pages at the end of the semester. You will also give a presentation and complete minor assignments throughout the semester.

A tutorial is a type of course at the university: small groups (approx. 15 participants) meet weekly with a senior student. In the introductory tutorial at the Faculty of Social Science you will be given an introduction to the methods of academic and student work. Additionally, there is room for questions about studies and the university.