The student representatives of the faculty of social sciences (Fachschaftsrat Sozialwissenschaften) organizes regular reading circles, partly together with other groups. Subject of discussion are different classic works of the social sciences and neighbouring areas of studies.

Aim of the reading circles is the joined exchange concerning topics that might not be as present in the regular curriculum or just topics that are interesting to a certain group.

If you are interested in hosting a reading circle, you can contact us; we will try to help or give advice if any difficlties occur.

Marx-Reading Circle for beginners - "Value, Price and Profit"/ “Lohn, Preis und Profit”

During the political formation of the working class, Marx and Engels took on the task to give Socialism a scientific foundation.

As Karl Marx was writing "Capital", he also wrote the speech "Value, Price and Profit" (51 Pages), that counts as one of Marx' most important works on the political Economy. In this talk he analyses some of the key elements of capitalism, the restistance of the workers and finally he proposes the ending of the wage labour-system as the political aim.

The reading circle adresses beginners and those who do not have previous knowledge. It will primarily be held in german.

The (german) text is availavble in the Marx-Engels-Werkausgabe (MEW) Bd. 16 or downloadable as a PDF through this link:

download "Lohn, Preis und Profit"

In the summer semester 2021 the Marx Reading circle will take place every tuesday around 18:30 on Zoom.

Zoom Access:
Meeting-ID: 684 3152 2636
Password: 1848

SAFT-Reading Circle

Every second monday the SAFT-Reading Circle meets online through Zoom.
The idea of this reading initiative "Socialist, but feminist texts" (SAFT) is connected through severel ideas: The interest for feminist lecture beside the liberal and post-modern feminism, the history of the feminist movement and the growing interest for materialist feminism. That is why the idea for a feminist reading initiative that will focus on the history of the feminist movement, classic texts of feminist theorists and revolutionaries came up. For example the texts and talks of and about Beauvoir, Alexandra Kollontai, Angela Davis, Sakine Cansiz, Frigga Haug, Rosa Luxemburg and the general feminist movement.
The reading circle isn't supposed to just read one text an be over with, but continue to exist and read several texts together.
Explicitly, the initiative does not only adress students, but is open for all people of every gender identity.

On the15.03.21 at 6 PM the reading circle started with the (german) lecture of "Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism" by the US-Ethnologist Kristin R. Ghodsee. The reason for starting with a book "about" and not "by" a theorist or revolutionary is, that this book summarizes a lot of important moments and persons of the (socialist) women's movement.

On our Instagram account of SAFT there will be a summary of the last chapter before every sitting, so that everyone will be able to join in at every time, without having read the whole book in detail.

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If you have questions you can join in on whatsapp!

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Zoom Access (every second monday around 18:00):
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