Courses of Study

What is Gender Studies?

Gender Studies is a relatively young research discipline, in which the categories of gender and sex are analyzed in varying historical, cultural, and political contexts. “Gender” shows the social and cultural constructions of sex, gender, and their associated roles and norms.
Gender as a social category does not stand alone, rather always in combination with other categories such as race, ethnicity, and age. Students learn an intersectional approach to gender hierarchies and realities and cast critical perspectives on gender and gender relationships. Research areas and discourses include postcolonial studies, disability, studies, masculinity, queer studies, and critical whiteness.

Regularly every summer semester the Gender Studies Coordination organises an informational event for interested people about the degree programs. In this summer the informational event will be held on

28 June 2016, 4-6 p.m., (location to be added).


Possible areas of emphasis

The RUB offers in the discipline Gender Studies the following emphasises subjects:

Labor, Institutions, and Cultural Practices Cultural and Medial Representations Identity, Positions, Differences
Analyzing both historical and present day transformations of labor, institutions, and cultural practices in national and international contexts. Analyzing cultural, especially medial and literary, constructions and representations of gender. Analysis of processes in social positioning’s of people and/or groups in various social categories and the questions of identity.

The masters program links courses from the core disciplines Social Science, Philology (especially Media Science) und History. Course offerings are complemented though courses and programs of the Marie-Jahoda Guest Professorship as well as through courses from other disciplines: Protestant and Catholic Theory, Asian Philology, Sports Studies, Theatre Studies, and Psychology

Courses of Study

Gender Studies - Culture, Communication, Society (Double Major)
Joint Degree Gender Studies (Single Major)

Career Opportunities in Gender Studies

Gender Studies , like other philosophical and social disciplines does not prepare for one specific career, but rather for several lateral possibilities. The interdisciplinary course of study provides students with the ability to quickly and competently work with new themes and theories. Gender theory and gender competence provide new and necessary qualifications. For ideas and inspiration please go to the Practice page. Getting more inspiration you can visit our GenderKnowledgePractice-Site. Depending in individual ideas and focus points Gender Studies students can look to work in the following fields:

  • Personal planning and equality politics in unions, associations, and social and political organizations.
  • Administration of Gender Mainstreaming in both private and public social and political organizations.
  • Culture and politics, particularly education
  • Media relations and publicity
  • Teaching and educational awareness for various educational outlets
  • Research at various institutions and universities