GenderKnowledge in Practice

M.A. Maximiliane Brand

  • Academic Advisor
  • Department: Gender Studies
  • Office: GD E1 337
  • Phone: +49 (0)234 32 - 26646
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Internship: Joint Degree Gender Studies

Internship: 2 subject Master Gender Studies

Gender knowledge, gender competence, and diversity competence are needed in many career fields. The Gender Studies Master allows for a well founded and interdisciplinary program that deals with themes such as social inequality, heterogeneity in society, and inclusion.

How these themes play into various career fields can be explored through internship opportunities. An internship helps, not only in accruing experience, but also in the question of career choice, and helps ease the transition into the work force.

Internship opportunities

In the course of the Gender Studies Masters Program an internship for credit is possible: In the 2 subject master an internship is obligatory (a duration of 6 weeks or 240 hours); In the single subject master an internship is also obligatory (a duration of 4 weeks or 160 hours).

Gender Studies in order to receive credit.

Organisations for your internship you can find href="">at the internship exchange of the RUB as well as by the following contacts.

Fields of practice

NGOs, associations and organizations
Politics and foundations
Publishing companies
Research (Universities, Institutes, Academies)

Intern Abroad

Internships abroad, while requiring significant preparation, are very beneficial. As an interdisciplinary and international program, gender related internship opportunities abroad are possible and can be done for credit to fulfill both the 2 subject master and the joint degree master internship requirements. For more information please contact the International Office or visit their website.
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Gender Studies in Practice Workshop

Since the winter semester of 2005/06, in coordination with the department for social science, the Gender Studies department has hosted a “Gender in Practice Workshop.” Speakers from various career fields answer questions and talk about their experiences. Questions pertain to job seeking and career paths within the Gender Studies area.
Here you will find more informations about the lecturers of the last GenderKnowledge workshop.

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