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Junior Professorship for Healthcare and E-Health

The junior professorship for Health and E-Health researches the impact of digitization on the healthcare sector. It focuses on questions of how (digital) technology can be developed and designed in a participatory manner and which factors affect the implementation of digital technology and how.


Listen to the episode "Daten und Digitalisierung" of the podcast series "Was ist Urban Health?" here.


The results report of the project "Healthcare Start-up Ökosystem NRW 2021" has now been published. Read the report here.

The Handelsblatt reports on the study from the project "Healthcare Start-up Ökosystem NRW 2021". Read the report here.


Langer, Henrike & Merkel, Sebastian 2023: "Co-Designing a Conversational Agent in Health and Social Care – Perspectives of Professional Care Staff and Older Adults" read here.

Burmann, Anja; Langer, Henrike; Bosompem, Jennifer; Clemens, Timo; Herten, Benjamin; Kerstan, Leah; Lauer, Romy; Naeve, Peter; Geller, Simon; Huhnt, Jönne & Merkel, Sebastian 2022: "Governance of Digital Health Data on Cooperatively Organized Platforms - a Design Thinking Approach" read here.

Naeve, Hans Peter & Merkel, Sebastian 2022: "Fake news, covid19 and Twitter – a bibliometric approach" read here. (preprint)

Merkel, Sebastian; Kucharski, Alexander & Schorr, Sabrina 2022: “Computer, how do smart speakers support aging in place?” – A feature analysis focusing on smart speaker applications in Amazon’s skill store for older persons read here.

Merkel, Sebastian & Langer, Henrike 2022: "Healthy and Active Aging in German Communities" read here in Korean.


Room: GD E1/155

Phone: 0234 32 25411



Consultation hours

Fridays from 12 pm.
Consulation may be given online or on campus.

Please register in advance by mail.