Profile of the Chair "Sociology/Organisation, Migration, Participation"

Within a framework of comparative social sciences, the Chair of Sociology/Organisation, Migration, Participation comprises research and teaching in the following scientific disciplines: sociology of work, industrial sociology, sociology of organizations and sociology of migration.

Research and teaching focus on the following areas:

  • International economic organizations and automotive research
  • Participation and regulation of employment
  • Transnationalism and Migration

We especially focus on the social entanglement of working people. In this context, gainful employment does not only mean basic need satisfaction but also striving for recognition, self-fulfilment and participation.

On a theoretical level, the Chair aims at contributing to the development of theoretical concepts and research questions in the context of figuration theory, theory of institutions and structuration theory, and to an understanding of reflexive modernization. We use both quantitative and qualitative methods. Research and teaching are carried out in a comparative international perspective. The Chair aims at contributing to solving societal challenges. Our orientation is towards sustainable and human-centred development and the democratic participation regarding life-chances and resources.