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Organized Violence, new migration patterns, and development:

The DFG-funded project in cooperation with the FU Berlin sets a focus on the current phenomenons of 'organized violence' and 'forced migration'.

Thereby the driving forces of those factors regarding their influence on individual and group-related migration patterns and regimes are being investigated.

Throughout an explorative approach combining quantitative and qualitative methods in a diverse and complex way, originial primary data shall be generated, as it is the aim of this research to provide an essential advance in contemporary migrational studies.






Margit Feischmidt / Ludger Pries / Celine Cantat (Eds.), 2019: Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe. Houndmills: Palgrave.


Ludger Pries / Pablo Yankelevitch, 2019: European and Latin American Social Scientists as Refugees, Emigrés and Return-migrants. Transnational  lives and travelling theories at El Colegio de México and the New School for Social Research. New York: Palgrave.




Marawo The master's degree program management and regulation of work, business and organization (MaRAWO) communicates scientific knowledge and professional skills in the areas of labor, business and organization.




Consultation Hours Winter Term 2019/20

Professor Pries' regular consultation hours in the Winter Term 2019/20 are being held every Wednesday from 14.00 h to 15.30 h. Please put your name onto the notice-list at room GD 1/317 or consult Susanne Axt-Sokolowski for further information.


Article in 'Comparative Migration Studies'

A new article by L. Pries was published in 'Comparative Migration Studies' entitled "The momentum of transnational social spaces in Mexico-US-migration". The article could be downloaded from Springer VS or from here.


Consultation Hours within the Recess Period

Professor Pries' regular consultation hours within the upcoming recess period are being held on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 07/16, 07/30, 08/06, 08/13, 09/17, 09/24: 11.00 - 12.30 h
  • Wednesday 09/11: 09.00 - 10.00 h


World Refugee Day 2019

Since 2001 on June 20th every year the World Refugee Day is being held by the United Nations. As a day of action the courage and strength of refugees shall be dignified worldwide. Hereby we’d like to invite you to our event on June 15th. Different actors from various sections of society and refugees themselves will have a say in order to make their work and experiences a subject of discussion. The different panels will deal with the following key questions:

  • What has been done and achieved in ‘refugee care’ since 2015?
  • How have refugees experienced their arrival in Bochum?
  • What are the forthcoming global challenges?

The conference will take place at the Blue Square  from 12:00 to 15:00 pm. The entire program can be accessed here.


Sustainable social innovations through institutional pluralism?

Strengthening self-organization capacities and individual responsibility on local levels is more and more important. Cooperatives are not only useful on a local and regional level as controlling elements regarding issues of public social services, they also can be seen as elements of societal transformation because of their cooperative structures in terms of governance. Framed as a multidisciplinary event at the RUB our question is: What are the essential concepts in Social Siences and Empirical Research relating to the sustainability of social innovations? In the name of the RUB and the ‘Emscher Cooperative’ we’d like to invite you to a workshop being held on Wednesday 06/26/19 from 10:00 to 18:00 pm in room GD-1/388. You can register for the workshop here.


About the Situation of Yazidi Women

On the 4th of June (16.00 h) Lamiya Haji Bashar, a human rights activist who was held a prisoner by ISIS like thousands of other women in Iraq, will give a lecture about her work and experiences together with Mirza Dinnayi, a human rights lawyer and founder of the 'airlift to rescue refugees from Iraq'. The event is planned by the IFHV (Institute for Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Law) of the RUB and will take place in room GD-04/620. You can find the poster here.


Pries in Princeton

On May 3rd Professor Dr. Ludger Pries presented a lecture entitled "Turkey and MENA: complex hubs and fragile walls in MENA – Europe migration", which has been framed by the international conference “Current Dynamics between Europe and the Middle East/North Africa” at the Princeton University. The presentation slides can be accessed here.


Consultation hours, Summer Term 2019

Professor Pries' regular consultation hours for students will be held every Tuesday, 10.30 - 12.15 h.

To make an appointment please get in touch with the bureau.


DFG Project:

Organized Violence, New Migration Patterns and Development

As of December 2018 the DFG (German Research Society) has granted a research project, which was submitted by Prof. Ludger Pries together with Prof. Stephanie Schütze/FU Berlin. The entire project title is: „Organized violence, new migration patterns, and development: A comparative study in Europe and the Americas“. You can find a short description of the project here.


Dynamics of Change in Transnational Families

On the 25th of January 2019 Christian Schramm has given a scientific presentation at the Mid Term Conference of the European Sociological Association (Research Network 35 – Sociology of Migration). Topics of his speech have been the Dynamics of Change in Transnational Families as well as Biographies and Family Figurations (Research field: Guayaquil and Bilbao). You can find the presentation slides here.



What can platforms of the crowd really offer?

Framed by a Symposion of the Center for Advanced Studies (CAIS) in Bochum, Paul-Fiete Kramer will give the scientific presentation „What can platforms of the crowd really offer?“ together with Dr. Fabian Hoose (IAQ). The hot topic being discussed will be the self-description of platform corporations and the modern search for working folks.

The speech will be given on February 2nd 2019 from 16.00 to 18.00 h. Interested students are welcome, for more information click here.



Social Scientists as Refugees

The book „European and Latin American Social Scientists as Refugees, Émigrés and Return-Migrants“ was released in early November 2018 by editors Ludger Pries and Pablo Yankelevitch.

The book discusses the forced migration of scientists and intellectuals from Germany, Austria and Spain throughout the 1930s to destination countries like the USA and México. A special focus is put on lately renowned international universities like the ‚New York School of Social Science‘ (New York City) and the ‚El Colegio de México‘ (México City).

Another recent publication

In Ocotober the sociological anthology ‚Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe‘, which was co-edited by Ludger Pries, was released by Palgrave McMillan. The content can be seen here.