• In August, a new book by Prof. Pries is published  in Campus-Verlag under the title "Migration and arrivals. The chances of refugee movement". It deals with the history of the movement of refugees in Germany and Europe especially since last year. More information on the book can be found here
  • In August, the second edition of the book "acquisition regulation in a globalized world. Theoretical concepts and empirical trends of Regulieerung of work and employment in the trans-nationalization" written by Prof. Pries was published in Springer-Verlag. The second edition has been basically updated and expanded to two chapters (the theory of the labor regulation and the regime of the labor regulation in Germany). More information of the book can be found hier and hier.
  • From 1.April 2016 represents Dr. Margit Fauser the chair of Prof. Dr. Ludger Pries, who has the William-and-Alexander-von-Humboldt-chair at the Colegio de México.
  • Homework: Dear students, homeworks in VSPL with appropriate note will be unlocked, if the students discuss their homework with Mr. Prof.Dr. Ludger Pries/ Mrs. Dr. Margit Fauser during office hours.
  • Study achievements: Existing questions for the recognition can be clarified with all necessary original documents also within the office hours.

  • Office hours - SoSe16 (semester):
    The office hours of Dr. Fauser held on Tuesday, 20.06.2016 from 10:00 to 11:00 am.
    Here find useful information on how to apply the M.A. Soz.Wiss. 1 subject (from WS15 / 16).