Weiss Here you will find a compilation of principles and specific rules to your studies.




Weiss MAREM (MApping REfugees′ arrivals at Mediterranean borders) is an interdisciplinary research project dealing with the situation of asylum seekers and refugees in the Mediterranean as well as with the corresponding national and European politics.




The "refugee crisis" is not just a test for Europe, it also has the potential to raise a European society project in a globalized world.
Pries, Ludger (2016): Migration and arriving. The chances of refugee movement. Frankfurt am Main. Campus.



Marawo The master's degree program management and regulation of work, business and organization (MaRAWO) communicates scientific knowledge and professional skills in the areas of labor, business and organization.


  • From 03 to 07 April 2017 the Chair of Sociology / Organisation, Migration, Participation hosts the Spring School “Current Migration and Refugee Dynamics”:
    By combining perspectives of various disciplines the Spring School examines causes, characteristics and implications of current movements, political regulations and social situations. The Spring School includes a variety of activities such as lectures, writing workshops, presentations and a field trip which promote lively participation and active academic debate. Participation is open to Master and early PhD students.
    Interested?    http://www.sowi.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/sozomm/springschool.html.en

  • By the end of 2017, Dr. Anna Mratschkowski is on maternity leave.
  • Homework: Dear students, homeworks in VSPL with appropriate note will be unlocked, if the students discuss their homework with Mr. Prof.Dr. Ludger Pries/ Mrs. Dr. Margit Fauser during office hours.

  • Study achievements: Existing questions for the recognition can be clarified with all necessary original documents also within the office hours.

  • Office hours - Summer semester 2017:
    The next Office hours of Prof. Dr. Ludger Pries will take place on Monday, 26.06.2017 from 17.00 to 18.00. Registration is made by the secretary.
    The office hours of Dr. Margit Fauser will be held on Tuesdays from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Please register in advance at the secretariat!

    Here find useful information on how to apply the M.A. Soz.Wiss. 1 subject (from WS15 / 16).