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Weiss MAREM (MApping REfugees′ arrivals at Mediterranean borders) is an interdisciplinary research project dealing with the situation of asylum seekers and refugees in the Mediterranean as well as with the corresponding national and European politics.




The "refugee crisis" is not just a test for Europe, it also has the potential to raise a European society project in a globalized world.
Pries, Ludger (2016): Migration and arriving. The chances of refugee movement. Frankfurt am Main. Campus.



Marawo The master's degree program management and regulation of work, business and organization (MaRAWO) communicates scientific knowledge and professional skills in the areas of labor, business and organization.


  •  As part of the public relations research project "Latest Thinking" Prof. Pries gave a longer interview on research activities in the subject area "Refugee Movement in the Mediterranean and in 2015". You can find the video of this interview here
  • On December 5, Prof. Pries lectured at the "Knowledge in Flight: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Scholar Rescue in North America" conference, which was conducted at the Leo Baeck Institute and New School for Social Research, New York City on "Exile dynamics and impacts of European Social Scientists since the 1930s. Transnational Lives and Traveling Theories at the Colegio de México and New School for Social Research in New York." The slides of the lecture can be found here, and if requested, the text can be requested from the chair.