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Laufende Dissertationsprojekte:




Chakma, Bablu


Settling Unsettled Questions. Re-thinking Marginalisation and Identity of Indigenous Peoples in the Context of Bangladesh


Land, Corinna


Contested Displacement and Forced Migration: Situation Exit, Voice and Loyalty in the Global Land Rush Debate


Lutfur, Maruf


International Migration and Community Development in Bangladesh


Mong Marma, UK


Forced Migration and Land: Expulsion in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh


Renschler, Katrin


Challenges of Diversity –Practices of Conviviality in Northeast India


Tripura, Hari Purna


Social Youth Movements in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh


Zaidi, Ali


Understanding Development in Relation to NGOs with the Perspective of Community. An ethnography of the Development Sector in Pakistan




Abi Khalil, Loubna


Refugees, Actors of Conflict Resolution: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Tobias Debiel)


Behmer, Katharina


Global Norms and Local Interactions in Post-Conflict Societies: A Case Study on Transitional Justice in Cambodia


Abgeschlossene Dissertationsprojekte:


Chattoraj, Diotima


Ambivalent Attachments: Shifting Notions of Home among Displacd Sri Lankan Tamils (im April 2016 abgeschlossen)


Rosenberger, Sascha


Factors Affecting the Development of an Epistemic Landscape in Paraguay as a Developing Country (im Oktober 2017 eingereicht)