Completed Events

Case and Portrait
Interdisciplinary Workshop, Institute for Social Movement Bochum, 25/26 June 2014 (with Ludmilla Jordanova)

Women’s Movement and Complex Gender Relations in International Perspective  (Und sie bewegen sich doch! Frauenbewegungen und komplexe (Geschlechter)Verhältnisse in internationaler Perspektive)
Conference for Ilse Lenz, Ruhr-University Bochum, 22/23 February 2014 (with Mirjana Morokvasic-Müller, Toshiko Himeoka and Myra Marx Ferree)

Care and Work (Fürsorgearbeit und Erwerbsarbeit)
Workshop, College of Gender Studies, University Essen, 02 June 2013 (with Alisson Pugh)

Reconfiguration of Power and  Inequalities (Gleicher und ungleich zugleich. Neukonfiguration von Macht und flexibilisierten Ungleichheiten)
6/7 November 2013 (with Birte Siim) Program, Conference report

New Freedom, New Fortune? Individuals and Gender Politics in Times of Neoliberalism (Neue Freiheit, neues Glück? Selbstentwürfe und Geschlechterpolitiken in Zeiten den Neoliberalismus)
24/25 June 2010 (with Mieke Verloo) Program

Limits of the Welfare State: Migration and Gender (Grenzen des Wohlfahrtsstaats: Migration und Geschlecht)
26 June 2009 (with Diane Sainsbury)Program

Women’s Questions are Men’s Questions are Gender Questions? 40 Years of New Women’s Movement (Frauenfragen sind Männerfragen sind Geschlechterfragen? 40 Jahre Neue Frauenbewegung. Und jetzt?)
12-14 June 2008 (with Wang Zheng and Alison Woodward) Program

Interpreting Intersectionality: Analyzing Gender and its Intersections in Feminist Research
24/25 November 2006 (with Kathy Davis) Program

From Women’s Voices to Gender Equality? Women’s Movements and Gender Politics (Von den Frauenstimmen zur Geschlechtergleichheit? Frauenbewegungen und Geschlechterpolitik)
03 February 2006 (with Alison Woodward) Program

Gender Orders Unbound: Equality, Reciprocity, Solidarity Ten Years of the International Marie Jahoda Chair of Gender Studies
24/25 November 2004 (with Diane Elson, R.W. Connell, Mirjana Morokvasic, Elena Zdravomyslava, Myra Marx Ferree, Mari Osawa, Heidi Gottfried and Agneta Stark) Program

Transnational Feminist Networks, Citizenship und Difference (Transnationale feministische Netzwerke, Citizenship und Differenz)
07 July 2004 (with Myra Marx Ferree) Program

The World Bank, Gender and Feminist Economics
31 January 2004 (with Edith Kuiper) Program

Politics of Belonging. Gender and Transnational Migration

16 May 2003 (with Nira Yuval-Davis and Nadje Al-Ali) Program, Conference report

Aging, (Care-)Work and Gender in Sweden and Germany (Altern, (Pflege-)Arbeit und Geschlecht in Schweden und Deutschland)
Social Research Centre Dortmund, 09 January 2002 (with Agneta Stark) Program

Future Bodies. The body I have been… (Future Bodies. Der Körper, der ich gewesen sein werde …)
Academy of Media Arts Cologne, 28 June-1 July 2001 (with Zoë Sofoulis)

International Women’s Movement, Organizational Reform and Global Regulation (Internationale Frauenbewegung, Organisationsreform und globale Regulierung)
In cooperation with the Gunda-Werner-College, March 2003 (with Alison Woodward)

Gender mainstreaming: A contested political approach

12 January 2001 (with Heidi Gottfried and Alison Woodward)


Gender, Work and Organizations: Empirical challenges, theoretical provocations, and gender politics in international perspective
21 June 2000 (with Joan Acker and Elena Zdravomyslova)

Gender, War and Violence
27/28 January 2000 (with Mirjana Morokvasic-Müller)

Gender Research and Gender Democracy: Are we in a new era?
02 June 1999 (with R.W. Connell)

Russian Gender Culture and Feminism in Transition
3 July 1998 (with Elena Zdravomyslova)

Thinking about "race" and "gender" – difficulties in the German context?
06 February 1998 (with Ruth Roach Pierson)

Feminism and Social Change
06 June 1997 (with Judith Lorber)

Gender, Epistemology, and Historical Evidence
01 December 1996 (with Irit Rogoff)

Sexuality and Health. International feminist approaches
14 June 1996 (with Patricia McFadden)

New Theoretical Approaches on Gender, Class and Race – Developments in Southern Africa
26 January 1995 (with Winnie Wanzala)