Profile: Gender Studies Network at RUB

The Gender Studies Network at the Ruhr University is made up of six professors from three different faculties, their assistants, the equal opportunities commission, the program coordinator, and the Gender Studies student body. The origin and development of the network is closely connected to the Network Women and Gender Research NRW, as all professors are also network professors.
professor of Gender Studies Prof. Katja Sabisch has served as managing partner of the Network since 2008. Website of Prof. Dr. Katja Sabisch.

Faculty Cooperations

Marie-Jahoda Guest Professorship:Internationally renowned researchers, who have influenced both theory and empirical research in the field of gender studies. Since 1994 guest professors are invited to RUB for one semester to share their research, cooperate with faculty and students, and encourage an international network at RUB. More informations you will find here:


Faculty of Social Science: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Straub; Prof. Dr. Eva Gerharz (Progress and Internationalization); Ph. d. Kyoko Shinozaki (Sociologie/Organisation); Prof. Dr. Anja Hartmann; Dr. Anna Sieben, Dr. Mario Paul, Dr. Claude Hubain; Dr. Ulrich Paetzel (Sociology, Organization, Migration, Participation); Prof. Dr. Estrid Sørensen (Mercator Research Group "Rooms for anthropological Knowledge")

Faculty of Philology: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Haß; Prof. Dr. Mario Bosshardt; Prof. Dr. Annette Pankratz (English Department), Dr. Eva Hohenberger; Prof. Dr. Dr. Yvonne Wübben (Germanistic Institute; Mercator Research Group Spheres of anthropological Knowledge); Dr. Katie L. Walter (English Department); Dr. Sebastian Berg (English Department); Dr. Simon Dickel (English Department); Dr. Stephanie Heimgartner (comparative literary studies); Prof. Dr. Bogumil-Notz (comparative literary studies); Anna Tuschling (Mercator Research Group "Rooms for anthropological Knowledge")


Historical Institute: Dr. Gerald Schröder (Institute for Art History)


Faculty for Protestant Theology: Prof. Dr. Isolde Karle (Practical Theology); Ulrike Eichler; Prof. Dr. Ute Gause; (Church History, Reformation History and New Church History); PD Dr. theol. habil. Katharina Greschat (Patristics)


Faculty for Philosophy and Pedagogy: Prof. Dr. Christina Brandt (Mercator Research Group "Rooms for anthropological Knowledge")