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Sociology Section

Sociology deals with the theory and practice of the correlation between social actions and social structures. General Sociology develops general explanatory approaches for the development and structure of modern societies and their cultural and social change. The Special Sociologies investigate fields like labour, development/internationalisation, gender, organisations and city/region.

About us

The Sociology department in Bochum integrates the view of individuals in their social context onto the meso-level of institutions, organisations and networks and onto the macro-level. Thus the change through the development into a services and knowledge society and globalisation/transnationalisation is investigated. The topics labour and economy, social inequality and gender, city and region, family, organisation and participation, migration, internationalisation and development are central issues. The Sociology Section is oriented on empirical social research. The express orientation on research and practice has not only earned high renown in policy consulting, but it has also enhanced the career chances of our graduates considerably.